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Introduction to Difference-in-Differences with Variation in Treatment Timing

Universitas Indonesia, November 27, 2023

On November 27, 2023 (Fall 2023), I was invited as a guest lecturer for a PhD-level research methods course at the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia where I conducted a session on Introduction to Difference-in-Differences with Variation in Treatment Timing.

The course material encompassed four key segments: canonical DID, DID with variations in treatment timing, recent developments in DID considering treatment timing variations, and a practical STATA simulation. During the STATA simulation, participants were guided through the estimation process utilizing three distinct estimators: two-way fixed effects, Callaway and Sant’Anna (2021), and de Chaisemartin & D’Haultfoeuille (2022). The simulation session aimed to replicate a DID estimators comparison presented in de Chaisemartin & D’Haultfoeuille (2023).

Here is the link to access the lecture slides, accompanying data, and the do file used during the session.

Government Revenue (Praktikum Pelaksanaan Pendapatan Negara)

Politeknik Keuangan Negara STAN, Spring (Semester Genap) 2019

  • Major: State Treasury Specialization
  • Number of student: 68
  • Student evaluation (link to the file including comments from students): 9.09/10
  • Received the highest student evaluation among four instructors teaching the course

Introduction to Economics (Pengantar Ilmu Ekonomi)

Politeknik Keuangan Negara STAN, Fall (Semester Ganjil) 2017

  • Major: Custom and Excise Specialization
  • Number of student: 75
  • Student evaluation: 9.01/10